A summary of released press articles and useful information for the press

  1. Welt am Sonntag (Startup Teens Special – german)

2. Gründerszene (Young Entrepreneurs‘ Program announcement – german)

3. Business Punk („Seven Podcasts that help you to become better entrepreneurs“ – german)

4. Newfinance („Podcasts for business“ – german)

5. Gründerszene („Why too few women in generation Z found companies“ – german)

6. Gründerszene („Between graduation and own company – This is what Teenie founders work on“ – german)

7. N-TV „Sustainability and young entrepreneurs“

Full Video of my n-tv appearance on sustainability

8. n-tv „Tausch über ‚Made in Germany‘ – german)

Full video of my n-tv appearance on „Made in Germany“

A short bio to quote

„With 19 years Fabian Tausch started a young entrepreneur podcast, which reached during its running time far over one million listeners and grew to one of the most successful German Podcasts within the category of entrepreneurship.

Together with Thomas Bachem, he created the Young Entrepreneurs‘ Program, in order to support beginning, young entrepreneurs on their way to entrepreneurial success.

Today Fabian focuses on the development of the ecosystem for young entrepreneurs and leads further an international podcast, in order to scale the knowledge of successful personalities.“

How to contact me

Usually, I am more than happy to share my stories, talk about entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems.
Please send press inquiries to hello@fabiantausch.com.

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